Neptune Warriors Lda
Shark's Training - Peniche & Baleal, Portugal

Extreme Leadership 48h

Testa os teus limites fisicos e mentais, em situações extremas ao mesmo tempo que aprendes e praticas as mais modernas técnicas e principios de liderança.

What to expect

In just 48h, the Sharks Training Leadership Boot Camp will help your leadership skills make a leap to the next level of performance, productivity, and effectiveness.

In this intensive 48h boot camp, you can create your own personal leadership philosophy, become a better leader, and master skills that can help you improve your business results and accelerate your career.

The leadership and management skills taught at Sharks Training Leadership Boot Camp were developed by an elite group of academy graduates / ex-military officers, entrepreneurs and CEOs. Their leadership strategies and tactics have been battle-tested and proven in the real world.

The Sharks Training Team combine successful business careers with years of service in Corporate Training, Civil Protection, Navy and Army.

The Power Behind Our Process

Our process is focused on enhancing the personal and organizational performance of leaders at all levels. Our goal is to enable organizations to achieve business goals by developing their most valuable resource – their leaders. We work with organizations to transform employees (at all levels) into effective leaders who can energize others to accomplish corporate objectives and create tangible business results.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is training only for a purpose. We will not conduct training for training’s sake. Our training is focused on helping companies achieve their business goals. Thus, our approach is to conduct purposeful training that is participant-centered, experience-based, and performance-oriented. Purposeful training enables individuals to meet their specific learning needs and meet the needs of the organization.

The educational theory behind our approach is the Experiential Learning Models described by Kolb and Fry (1975) and Henton (1996). We apply this theories by requiring participants’ analysis of their experiences; encouraging them to become increasingly self-directed and responsible for their own learning; and providing skills through activities that serve participants’ needs and interests based on their actual work requirements. We focus on first-hand and extreme experiences, guided discussions among participants and the training team, as well as thoughtful analysis and interpretation by the participant. We also recognize that different people have different styles and preferences for learning. Our approach accounts for this by using innovative ways to apply the Experiential Learning Cycle and overcome barriers to the transfer of learning:

  1. Concrete experience
  2. Observation and reflection
  3. Form abstract concepts
  4. Develop and apply new courses of action to real situations.

This creates a cycle of continued application and learning as the participants learn this process as well as the specific content of each lesson.